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100 Digital Copies of SPICED RIGHT Up for Grabs!

Updated: Jan 28

UPDATED: THIS CONTEST IS CLOSED!! My lovely publisher is giving away 100 ebooks/digital copies of SPICED RIGHT between 12/25/23 and 1/22/24! AWESOME! Hurry on over to sign up--U.S. entrants only:

Don’t ever think I didn’t want more time with you, darlin’. 

Those were her college boyfriend’s last words to her after a phone call summoned him home to Texas. In the ten years since, Jack Reed has taken over his family’s ranch, and Jillian Parks has experienced devastating losses with traumatic repercussions.

Now a reclusive insomniac, she podcasts about the specialty hybrid chili peppers she grows in her Seattle greenhouse, keeping a closed door between her and the past. But when Jillian’s producer coaxes her to make a surprise call-in to Jack’s YouTube BBQ channel, their chemistry still sizzles!

An invite to the ranch for a follow-up collab is a scary proposal for Jillian. But forward movement is key to her recovery, and it’s time to take the bull by the horns. With Jack’s commanding yet soothing presence, maybe this charismatic cowboy is just the right ingredient to help her heal—while adding a different kind of spice to her life!

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